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Come see if The Sound Collective Chorus is right for you. Simply email so we expect you.

Remember you never need to have sung before and we don’t mind if you want to hide at the back! 

The only way to tell if you like the atmosphere and vibe is to come along. 

Join in or sit to the side and watch. It’s up to you.

Cost & Joining...

The cost works out at around £5 per hour approx if you calculate against the rehearsal time but is spread out and averaged to a monthly payment to make it simpler.

This monthly fee then also includes extras like a branded folder and everything else you need for learning through the year plus a incredible recording studio session day plus a couple more perks throughout the year we throw in at no extra.

FIRST SESSION FREE.  The cost after is £28 per month.  This is for 44 sessions per year. This cost includes all weekly rehearsals, a recording studio session, official folder and main TSC shows. You can attend any location any number of times in a week.  

We cost less per year than other choirs in the area and rehearse more often.

One nationwide choir may only cost £25 per month but this covers a mere 30 rehearsals so actually costs £10 - much more than us.

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